The Auria Way

The Auria Way inspires and guides our team to deliver on our Auria promise of ensuring our residents enjoy their best quality of life. Every single day.

The Auria Way defines our approach and attitude to senior living from a physical, mental, social and well-being perspective. Everything we do within our communities – our people, our culture, our hospitality, our accommodation and our specialised care facilities – are guided by four fundamental principles:

Engaging Lifestyle, Quality of Care, Constant Advice & Support, and Peace of Mind.

An Auria Senior Living Community offers a
truly exceptional lifestyle for the over-70s

Engaging Lifestyle

An Auria Senior Living community offers a range of independent and assisted living options designed to enhance convenience, social life and wellness.

Our security, maintenance, housekeeping, and gardening teams take the hassle out of daily living.

As an Auria resident, you have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities such as gym, swimming, Pilates and yoga. Heated swimming pools, air-conditioned cinemas, fascinating talks, inspiring cultural and social events, and entertainment.

Quality of Care

At Auria Senior Living we believe that care is about more than physical or health-related matters.

Care is the golden thread that runs through everything we do – 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our continuum of care is not merely a philosophy, it’s an experience that includes sound advice and support from a dedicated team of care professionals, medical experts and community managers.

We put your lifestyle needs at the forefront, respect your choices and are on hand to provide guidance and assistance as required.

You can rely on our team to empower you and your family with the all the information necessary to ensure that regardless of how your circumstances may change over time, you will be able to enjoy your best quality of life. Every single day.

You will never find a one size fits all approach at any of our Senior Living communities. We respect and appreciate your personal preferences, interests and background – they make you the unique individual you are.

Our care journey starts with your first meeting with our team, where we conduct an initial assessment to ensure we can provide you and your family with the best advice pertaining to your needs and preferences. Thereafter, we closely monitor all our residents on an ongoing basis throughout their senior living journey.

Our residents and their families choose how they want to live and we will support them with the care, advice and assistance they need.

We offer home-based care, assisted living, frail care, and dementia care, within our communities.

Constant Advice & Support

The Auria Way is built on a foundation of openness, honest, transparency and respect for people, especially those who are making decisions about senior living options for themselves.

We have a multidisciplinary team of experienced care professionals to empower residents and their families with the right information to:

  • Navigate the choices and options for managing changing health and daily needs, as and if they arise.
  • Advise on optimal care and lifestyle enhancements and interventions.
  • Enable our residents to retain their independence even if their health status declines.
  • As the authority in Senior Living we keep up to date with international and local trends and innovations in the delivery of care and advice.

Peace of Mind

The Auria Continuum of Care means that you and your family have the comfort of knowing that should your health needs change, there is no need to worry about moving away from the community.

Should the need arise, you have full access to extensive health services and continuing care within our communities. We provide everything right here, and you can choose whether you would prefer us to cater to your needs at our Care Centre or at your residence.

There is also on-site medical and emergency response, 24-hours per day, 365 days per year.

Our fixed monthly levy structures provide some financial peace of mind. Residents are able to determine their living expenses upfront and eliminate any concerns about future ‘surprises’.